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Who are FOGS?
FOGS are a group of parents, relatives and friends of children who attend Gilbertstone Primary School.

What are our aims?
Our aim is to raise funds for OUR pupils to provide such things as new play equipment, which will help enhance and support their learning journey through school.

What do we do?
We hold school discos, a summer fete and a Christmas fayre as well as other small events during the school year. All our profits directly help the children in school.

Can you help?
We would really love to do more in the way of fundraising, especially since our key stage two play equipment needs replacing desperately. In order to do this we really need more volunteers to help and join FOGS.

Members can do as little or as much as they can - any support is much appreciated.

We really need your help to continue with the good work of FOGS and to continue raising money for OUR children.

If you would like to support FOGS please come and speak to the office and they will put you in touch with someone who can help you.