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The curriculum at Gilbertstone is split into topics and is called our learning journey, linking nicely with Gilbert the bus. The descriptions and documents below outline the key objectives in all subjects for each term and show you what your child will be learning throughout the year.

We are now in our second year of following the New National Curriculum, which was introduced for most children last year.  We aim to provide a huge range of Maths activities for our children, enabling them to develop solid number facts and place value, but also giving many opportunities to use these skills in a real-life context. 

We focus on the following skills: 

  • Written methods of calculation for addition, subtraction, multiplication and division 
  • A solid understanding of times tables (expected by the end of Year 4) 
  • Children to develop deeper thinking skills around their mathematical problems 
  • Children to experience a broad range of contexts in which to explore their mathematical thinking 
  • Cross-curricular Maths opportunities to link with topic work 
  • Children to demonstrate their understanding through explaining mathematical processes


English is the cornerstone of all learning at Gilbertstone. All lessons are planned and taught following the guidance of the National Curriculum 2014.

During our daily English lessons, children are encouraged to develop and express their thoughts and ideas through drama, role play and discussion in a range of whole class, group and paired opportunities. At Gilbertstone writing is taught through creative cross-curricular links with our Learning Journey topics. Each unit of work is directly linked to another curriculum area and the children will have opportunities to write a range of texts for different purposes. This allows children to make natural and meaningful links in other subject areas, using aspects of English confidently and with enjoyment. During our daily English lessons learning is brought alive through a range of visual resources, quality texts, speaking and listening opportunities and group discussion.

Speaking and Listening
This is an integral part of every lesson across the curriculum at Gilbertstone.  Children are taught the importance of excellent communication skills in order to communicate confidently and effectively with talk partners, in small groups and in front of larger audiences. They are encouraged to listen and respond to each other’s views and opinions and also to ask questions to extend their learning.

Reading is taught through a mainly group or guided approach with the teacher.  Children are exposed to a wide variety of both fiction and non-fiction texts. Each week children also have the opportunity to explore texts independently, as well as accessing a whole range of activities to support their phonics, spelling, grammar and reading comprehension.

Phonics and Spelling
In Key stage 1 children have daily phonics sessions which are planned in accordance with the government’s Letters and Sounds document. In these sessions children are taught new phonemes (sounds) and how to blend them to read words. They are also taught how to segment phonemes to spell new words. Children learn that some ‘tricky words’ cannot be decoded using phonics and that these words need to be learnt differently. To supplement their learning in this area children have sets of spellings to learn at home which link directly to each of the ‘phases’ taught in the ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme.

In Key stage 2 spelling is taught in line with the National Curriculum requirements where children are taught a range of spelling patterns. Homework is also given to support children in learning these spelling rules.


Religious Education


At Gilbertstone we follow the Birmingham Agreed Syllabus which is taught through 24 key dispositions.  This is further enhanced by our PATHS curriculum and our focus on our whole school Stepping Stone Values.  (See below to find out more about these 24 dispositions)


Parents have the right to withdraw their children from RE and/or collective worship after consultation with the Head Teacher.