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Early Help

Our Early Offer Statement 

We are a caring school, committed to supporting children and families through an ‘Early Help’ approach; getting you the right help at the right time.


We recognise that family life and children can be challenging at times and Early Help can be required at any stage in your child’s life. We will work in partnership with you on most problems or needs that you are finding difficult to deal with or meet on your own.


We have access to a range of agencies and support services that can work together with schools and families as soon as a problem emerges, or is identified, so as to avoid a problem escalating or the level of need increasing.


As well as the Head Teacher, Mrs O'Reilly and the Deputy Head Teachers, Mrs Gudge and

Miss Himmons, we have two full time experienced learning mentors in school, Mrs Draper and

Mrs Cunningham, that will always listen to your concerns and give you time to talk - A problem shared is a problem halved!