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Enabling Enterprise


Enabling Enterprise at Gilbertstone Primary School

During this year, all children in Years 1- 6 at Gilbertstone will be learning about Enabling Enterprise.  What does this mean?  Enterprising skills are being learnt in the classroom through a series of projects, where children collaborate in small teams to produce real-life end products.  Last year, our Year 6s were the first to sample these projects, and the culmination of their hard work was the Enterprise Fayre in July, when they raised over £400!

At the heart of Enabling Enterprise are the Challenge Skills.  These skills can be carried across into all areas of their learning, and allow children to take their enterprising approach with them beyond primary school.  Enabling Enterprise also offers trips to local businesses, such as the Birmingham Chambers of Commerce, Birmingham University and Birmingham Airport.  Here, children get a chance to work in teams with children from other schools as well as their own, in order to pitch an idea to employees!  By working with Enabling Enterprise, children are developing skills that will be vital when they enter the world of work.