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Mrs Tomlinson 100KM Walk

n Friday 4th May I flew from London to Santiago de Compostela which is a city in North West Spain. For a long time, through my interest in Spanish and Spain, I had wanted to walk part of the long distance walk known as the Camino de Santiago de Compostela. The walk starts in Paris and goes across the north of Spain to its final destination in North West Spain. I wanted to walk 100 km in order to get a certificate, which is only awarded if 100 Km is walked. After a couple of days sightseeing I set off from a town called Sarria with an organised group. Every night I stayed in a hotel and my luggage was transported everyday. This made my walk easier than that of people who carried everything and stayed in basic hostels each night.
I walked


  • 23 Km on day 1
  • 23 km on day 2
  • 15km on day 3
  • 13 km on day 4
  • 23km on day 5
  • 18 km on day 6


I was given a passport which I used everyday to get stamps to prove that I had walked a set distance. 2 stamps were required each day to verify that I had walked. We saw a lot of beautiful countryside, going up and down country lanes and roads, though woods and villages and across rivers and streams. Symbols along the way indicated the route. There were many restaurants along the way serving every kind of refreshment. We saw many long thin wooden buildings on stilts. These are horreos, typical barns of the area to store and protect crops. At the end of the walk we went to the cathedral and saw the enormous incense burner swinging the full length and height of the cathedral. This can be seen on the movie in the picture gallery. After completing the walk I went to Finisterre, Lands End.


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