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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!

Learning Journey:

During the Autumn Term Year 2 will be going on a very exciting journey! Our new Learning Journeys will answer the question 'What puts the GREAT in Great Britain?’ Through this exciting topic we will explore the Geography of Great Britain, including the four countries and their capital cities. We will also look in detail at some famous UK landmarks and in particular some of the famous sites in London. We will also find out about the role of the Queen and the royal family. Finally we will explore some of the famous historical events that have happened since the Queen’s coronation in 1953, such as conquering Mt Everest.


Don't forget about our Y2 class assembly on Thursday  30th November 2017.


Here are some of the other exciting things we will learn this term:



  • Invitation to the Queen’s coronation.
  • A report about Queen Elizabeth II
  • Stories based on Paddington Bear’s adventures in The Tower of London.
  • Stories based on Six Dinner Sid and the Highland adventure.
  • Diaries based on Samuel Pepys’ diary from The Great Fire of London.
  • Newspaper article based on the conquering of Mt Everest.



  • Counting in steps of 2,3 and 5 from 0 and in tens from any number (forwards and backwards)
  • Read and write numbers using digits and words (up to 100)
  • Compare and order numbers from 0 to 100 using <> and = symbols
  • Solving problems using place value.
  • Recall addition and subtraction facts to 20 and use related facts up to 100 e.g 7+ 3= 10 and 70 + 30 = 100




  • Animals including humans.

Children will explore the following themes: animal babies; growing and changing; basic needs; healthy eating; exercise and hygiene.


  • Uses of everyday materials

Children will explore the suitability of different materials. They will investigate how the shapes of some objects can be changed depending on their material.



  • ‘We are astronauts’ – an introduction to simple algorithms (sequence of instructions)
  • We are game testers’ – explore what happens in computer games and predict what the program will do.




Indoor P.E: Gymnastics (Thursday)

Outdoor P.E: Outdoor games skills – developing coordination ( Wednesday)


Year 2 African Drumming Workshop

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