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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4!

Learning Journey:

This term, Year 4 will be taking a great Learning Journey back to Roman times. We will be answering the question: ‘Were the Romans really rotten?’ Throughout our Learning Journey we will explore how the Romans lived and what impact they had on our modern society. Our Super Start will be on 22nd September 2017 and we look forward to creating Roman coins with our family members. We look forward to our trip to Lunt Fort on Tuesday 31st October 2017.

Don't forget about our Year 4 Class Assembly ‘The Rotten Romans’ due to take place on Wednesday 8th November 2017.


  • Non-chronological report on aspects of Roman life.
  • Review of a Roman Chariot Race, in the style of a Sports Commentator.
  • Biographical recount – Boudicca.
  • Play script on The Captive Celt.


  • Compare and order numbers beyond 1000.
  • Count in multiples of 6,7,9,25 and 1000.
  • Round any number to the nearest 10, 100 or 1000.
  • Solve two-step addition and subtraction problems.
  • Recall multiplication and division facts up to 12x12.



  • Sound
  • Animals including humans



  • We are software developers.



Indoor P.E:

4ML – Dance (Friday)

4H – Swimming (Wednesday)

Outdoor P.E: Invasion Games and Football Skills (Monday)