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Late/Absence Procedures

Our Attendance Policy states the following regarding absence or lateness:


  • Inform school of a reason for any late arrival and late pick up
  • Understand that if their child has not been collected, and it has not been possible to contact a parent or named carer, 1 hour after the agreed finish time for the school day/activity, a phone call will be made to the Multi-Agency Safeguarding Hub (MASH) and the Emergency Procedures for non-collection will be followed. (see school website)
  • Inform the school by 9am on the first day of any reason for their child’s absence, and each day after to update.

If your child is unwell, school will need to know clear reasons for absence including any symptoms of illness, particularly COVID-19 symptoms.  Office staff will explain the latest government guidance depending on your circumstances when you call to inform school of an absence due to illness.

  • Parents will receive a text message to the primary contact if no reason for absence is given by 9am.
  • If school have no response to a text message, school will contact other emergency contacts to establish a reason for absence.
  • Parents will receive a home visit if no contact has been made by the parent / carer informing school of a child’s reason for absence and school have been unable to communicate with any of the emergency contacts listed. (See guidelines in appendices)
  • Always try to arrange for medical appointments or treatments outside of the school day
  • Request permission in advance from the Head Teacher if a child needs to have appointments within the school day (via the school office) and if possible provide evidence of these appointments.
  • Request permission from the Head Teacher for leave for exceptional circumstances during term time by completing the Leave of Absence Request Form
  • Encourage children to discuss with staff any difficulties they may be experiencing which is affecting their attendance
  • Not request holiday in term time – it is not permitted