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School Council

Welcome to Gilbertstone's School Council.

Our School Council is made up of Mrs Crosskey, Mrs. Williams and two representatives from each class from Year Two to Year Six, who have been voted in by other pupils. This year we are keeping the current Y5 School Councillors to move up to Y6 and the current Y2 School Councillors to move up to Y3 . It is the responsibility of each Councillor to ensure that they express both their own views and the views of all the other pupils they represent. They attend regular meetings where they discuss what their class have suggested and then feed back to their class (Teachers will need to allocate regular time on their timetable for this). Minutes are taken and displayed.
The Council members have their photographs displayed on a board opposite Mrs Crosskey’s office so that all of the children know who they are. You can also find out more information on the School Website.

Some of the fantastic things the School Councillors have been involved with so far this term:


  •  Promoting healthy eating- fruit for children in KS2. 
  •  Involved with fundraising activities- Jeans for Genes and The Giving Tree.
  •  Trained as Fit for School Ambassadors.
  •  Fund raising to support our love of reading and a bid to have a school library.

We helped decorate our school Christmas trees!

School Fundraising

Trip to City Serve in Birmingham