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School Council

At Gilbertstone, we use Smart School Councils to learn about democracy and ensure all our voices are heard. Although we have a communication team, we are all part of the school council and we all have an equal say about essential issues. During our fortnightly meetings we debate important issues, discuss current events and help to make some vital decisions about school life.

In recent months, school council has contributed to the decision making for school in the following ways;

  • debated our favourite authors and chose books for our classroom reading areas
  • decided on the theme for our Easter Egg competition
  • discussed the importance of charities and voted on who we would raise money for
  • selected our favourite sports for KS2 afterschool clubs
  • voted to make bird feeders to support the 2024 Big Bird Watch during our forest school sessions. 
  • discussed bullying and what to do if we see it of are affected by it

Look back at some of the things we have debated